South Africa

• HTML + CSS + JQuery

• Javascript + Typescript

• React + Angular(JS + CLI)

• NodeJS + NPM

• PHPComposer + Packagist

• WordPress Engine + PHP

• Custom WP Themes + Plugins

• Woocommerce

• Slider Revolution

• Frontend API Integrations

• Instapage

• Active Campaign + Campaign Monitor

• Zapier

• AllToBill + Stripe Config

• SEO + Site Schema

• Github

• Dev Tools

Freelancing taught me the importance of caring for my own clients with enthusiastic, personal attention & becoming more independent by taking the initiative to try new things.

As the first female developer at a busy South African agency, I learned to run with tight deadlines in a wide range of industries such as retail, finance, travel, motor and various consumer brands with well known names like British Airways, Kia Motors and American Express.

Interning at an exciting, Australian based AI analysis company was one of the greatest highlights in my working experience. Learning about the power of natural language processing and how it can be used for more effective governmental decision making was beyond incredible!

Finding workable solutions to weird challenges & sharing them with anyone who will listen is what makes me happy. I really like to help people get where they are going by paying close attention to their specific needs & then doing what is in my power to make it happen. This applies to colleagues, clients & basically anyone I can be of assistance to. I look for ways to improve what I can where there seems to be a chance for improvement, in all aspects of life.

With a propensity for spotting patterns, I am habitually analytical of circumstances. I value researching before & testing after doing anything that significantly affects other humans. Communication is vital, so I put effort into understanding & conveying what is important while remaining considerate of people’s time. I am open & truthful & I respect others who are also inclined that way. I am naturally curious with a furious tendency to further investigate what is interesting & pass on any relevant information to others who may also be interested whenever applicable.

I love what I do. Mixing up my technical & creative abilities helps keep me balanced. I take pride in my work. I enjoy spending time at home in front of my computer. I prefer to do more intensive work at night, while the world is quiet & I can focus 100% on the task at hand but I do aim to remain available at all times. I am passionate about digital exploration & pushing the tech boundaries in all directions. I seek out & appreciate every opportunity to learn from the best in the industry.